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Ghaem Trading Group

ghaem Trading Company, with the help of experienced and experienced managers, aims to facilitate complex matters of import, export, and clearance of goods, along with respectable merchants and businessmen.

Trade with a trusted broker.

Honesty, along with creativity

Honesty, along with creativity

Ghaem Trading Group

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Commodity trading, import and export, clearance of goods, carrying out customs affairs and all port works in Ghaem company


Carrying out international sea transportation in the field of export and import


Sending goods in different ways in the field of import and export all over the world

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In today's business, up-to-date information, knowledge of international business and complete mastery of laws

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ghaem Trading Company, with the help of experienced managers and experienced workers, with the aim of facilitating complex matters of import, export and clearance of goods, is at the side of respectable merchants and businessmen. Trade with a trusted broker.

In the complex world of business, importing goods is one of the most specialized areas of international business. Qaim Trading Group, experienced and with a brilliant track record in business affairs, is recognized by all economic actors as a prominent figure in the field of import and export. The most important principles and needs in import and export, provision of foreign currency trading services and Nima, the process of foreign purchase and supply, familiarity with the principles and techniques of international marketing and international transportation, all matters related to these processes are carried out by Ghaem Trading Company.

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ghaem trading group

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انجام تمامی امور بارگیری ، ترخیص ،کشتیرانی و حمل و نقل توسط گروه بازرگانی قائم انجام میپذیرد. جهت اطلاعات بیشتر تماس حاصل فرمائید