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Consulting and training services

Consulting and training services

The key to success in today’s business is up-to-date information, knowledge of international business and complete mastery of the laws.

In order to support its customers and raise their level of awareness, as well as its mission to improve the level of expertise of merchants, Qaim company has taken steps to train all the things that are done in Qaim company.

The direct experience of the lecturers in the mentioned matters provides the field of practical training and after completing the training, the trainee is ready to perform the assigned tasks and enter the labor market.

Qaim company provides specialized consultations in order to properly carry out the merchant’s work process and prevent unforeseen damages and costs.

Consulting and training services of Ghaem company in the following matters:






International shipping


International trade agreements

Training of the comprehensive systems of Iranian trade and the comprehensive system of customs affairs and…