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Trading and clearance

Clearance is the process of getting permission to enter or export a product from the country’s customs. In other words, clearance of goods is to do all the things that are needed so that a product is allowed to enter or leave from official sources and is available to the owner of the product or the buyer of the product. This process controls the entry and exit of currency and the control of goods smuggling. Clearance of goods from customs is a specialized matter and according to the customs laws and executive regulations that are constantly changing, if the merchant or clearance does not have sufficient and up-to-date information, he will suffer heavy and sometimes irreparable damages. A merchant who imports a product for export or import to the customs, in order to obtain a license to import or export the product, he must go through its specific steps. Due to the complexity of the clearance process, it is recommended to seek the help of an experienced clearance worker. Work clearance refers to a natural or legal person who, with an official license, clears the goods from the country’s customs on behalf of the goods owner and in return for a written or oral contract. In fact, the work clearance is the representative or lawyer of the goods owner in the field of customs clearance. Work clearance is also called “work permit” of customs.

The process of clearance of goods through stages including completing documents, declaring goods in the customs system, evaluating goods, obtaining relevant permits, expert approval, paying customs fees, loading and stripping goods and calculating funds (commercial profit, taxes, customs duties, government facilities to import producer or exporter etc.) is done.


By providing a suitable platform and having active representatives in CIS countries, Qaim Trading Group offers this opportunity for Iranian businessmen and valuable customers to buy imported goods such as wood, flour, oil, grains and legumes from Russia and cars. Temporary entry, beech boards and machinery from Georgia

Also, marketing for Iranian products such as tomato paste, fruit juice, concentrates, ceramic tiles, petrochemicals, etc.

Calculation of clearance and storage costs

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